We’re living in a global village so the main concern is Cyber Security. Technology took us closer to each other then ever before, meanwhile we’re in control. We need to protect our data to avoid misuse, but can we do so? Here’s the phenomenon of cybersecurity take controls. After crawling through the concept, we prepared this literary piece. Nothing but your 5 minutes can make this concept clear to you. By the end of this article, you will be able to realize:

  • Basics of Cyber Crime
  • Necessity of Cyber Security
  • Patterns of Cyber Crime
  • The CIA triad

CYBER CRIME – An Introduction:

Cyber Crime is a Computer-Committed crime that uses the internet as a medium. United States’ Law Enforcement Agency has categorized it into three forms. This enlists the first one as malicious attack which may harm sensitive information. The second degree includes usage of the computing device as a weapon. And finally, the third category involves storage illegal information in computing devices.

Cyber Criminals use network as a medium, where digital devices are the tools. So, Can we protect our data? Am I secure over the internet? Am I compromising over the security of my personal data? This draft has every answer to these head-scratching questions.


Cybersecurity is like surveillance system. It safeguards sensitive data and build a protective sheet to avoid malicious activities. It embraces data protection along with computer systems and networks from cyber attack. I enlist some of the online activities for your better understanding to the ABC of Cyber crime.


As germs are to the human body, Malware is to the digital world. it infects a computer in various ways. Malware can be of several classes. It includes Viruses, Spywares, Trojan Horse, Logic bombs, ransomware and so on.


As the word says, Ransomware is as same as kidnapping or seizing for money. But this time, the criminal chooses a digital way to seize. They seize the access to the data and ask for money to grant the access again. Attackers use method of encryption against victim.

The actual twist is the decryption key. On a serious note, they use a key that is unique for the user. They store the data in remote servers so the user can’t access to it. After successful transaction of ransom, the access is again granted to the user.


Don’t confuse with the term. Social Engineering is an act of gaining access to the user’s sensitive data. But with complete unintentional permission grant.

So the question is, could the permission be unintentional? Of course a big yes. Have you ever wondered by iPhone lucky draws on your screen? Or an appearance of a random form asking you to log in your facebook? And let suppose you trust their vows and input whatever they ask. Hey, You’re trapped!

Social Engineers i.e. delusional criminals, in this way grab your details. These details may include Financial, personal and social aspects. Thus they use this information in the way they want.


Scared? Here is Phishing. Like fishing, Phishing is grabbing details out of the ocean i.e. internet. It is another form of social engineering. It might be a link asking you to follow it. Or a corrupt email in your inbox calling you to take action. it is as same as attract fish towards hook by displaying delicious food. It might seems very interesting in its outlook, for example, the subject of an email. It might say, “Hi, Someone left a huge wealth and died. His last words were to transact it in your account. Fill the form below.”

Once you’re done with the instructions. Now you’re in dirty hands on the other side, working over keyboard.

Note: Never pay attention to these kinds of subjects. Delete them as soon as possible or put them in spam. Believe me, nothing is free in this world.


Bigger organizations are always on the edge of cyberattacks. This induces a great urge for a proper guide to avoid these activities. And CIA triad is all in one solution for these organizations. It is a set of instructions to guide a company about its virtual security. It is sometimes rephrased as the AIC triad to avoid confusion with CIA i.e. Central Investigation Agency. This expression refers to:

CONFIDENTIALITY – Limitation of access to sensitive data.

INTEGRITY – Assurity of actual representation of data.

AVAILABILITY – Accessibility of Data to authorized users.


As crucial as life is to us so the data is. This is because Data is as important to us as we breathe. For some, it could be an important business file. Or a medical prescription with a digital existence. If someone threat this, he is threatening our survival. So as essential as a security guard, so the Cyber Security specialist is.

I tried to list some basic measures to yen the need for Cyber Security in today’s world.

  • Cyberattack is unaffordable for businesses. Recent stats show that the cost of a data breach is higher than the cost of the entire organization. Other than financial loss, it can destroy the reputation of a company.
  • Ransomware attacks can result in multi-dimensional lost. Either in the loss of crucial files, fear of repetitive hacking or financial damage.
  • Intruders’ entry into cyberspace of an organization will result in structural destruction.
  • Attackers can use several kinds of phishing. It includes smishing, whaling, vishing, and spear phishing to exploit company structure.


Nuclear energy is so useful for a country but a bomb is also the product of it. And so the use of technology is. It can be as constructive as blockchain to revolutionize the world. And as worst as Cyber Terrorism to vanish world in a blink of eye. It all depends on the hands that are using it. With everyday invention of newest technologies, life is become easier. But it could be as frightening as a scream when it comes to its destructive use. Cyber Crimes are such crimes increasing everyday. Which produces a dire need of execution of Security measures in an appropriate way. These crimes are the product of using a network or computing device in an illegal way. Not only organizations, but an individual is also on the verge of security threats.


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